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Bio ESR Analyzer

BIO ESR Analyzer

Model No : BioESR-2021

Modern IR micro technology for robust performance and greater efficiency in the analysis of  ESR with automatic temperature correction.

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Ease to  Use :

Easy Start up/ battery back up

Simply plug into an on-line UPS and start testing

No training required : No special expertise required

Fully automated

Auto start of  measurement

Quick Turn-around time : Easy set up of tests

  1. Add specimen to tube
  2. Place tube in analyzer
  3. Results within 30 Minutes

Complete flexibility :

Random access

Use any open chamber to automatically measure, time and report result Provides convenience and flexibility to run tests at anytime and in any order No batching of samples each reading chamber individually timed for results.

Quality and Reliability of Results :   

  • Reliability of Results
  • Good correlation to 1 hour westergren method
  • Excellent reproducibility (CV of 5%)
  • Accuracy & Consistency of Results

Advanced features :

  • Data management software (DMS**) for easy management compact size desktop analyzer thus minimal space required.
  • Graphical printout of results direct on PCB.

Safety of Handling :

Reduced contact with potentially infectious and hazardous Blood specimen

Completely “ Closed Analysis System” ( while using Vacuum ESR tube for testing) prevents the user from potentially hazardous blood specimen.