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Bio ESR Analyzer

BIO ESR Analyzer

Model No : BioESR-2021

Modern IR micro technology for robust performance and greater efficiency in the analysis of  ESR with automatic temperature correction.

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Bio Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate Analyzer

Model No : BioESR-2021

Ease to  Use :

Easy Start up/ battery back up

Simply plug into an on-line UPS and start testing

No training required : No special expertise required

Fully automated

Auto start of  measurement

Quick Turn-around time : Easy set up of tests

  1. Add specimen to tube
  2. Place tube in analyzer
  3. Results within 30 Minutes

Complete flexibility :

  • Random access
  • Use any open chamber to automatically measure, time and report result
  • Provides convenience and flexibility to run tests at anytime and in any order
  • No batching of samples each reading chamber individually timed for results.

Quality and Reliability of Results :   

  • Reliability of Results
  • Good correlation to 1 hour westergren method
  • Excellent reproducibility (CV of 5%)
  • Accuracy & Consistency of Results

Advanced features :

  • Data management software (DMS**) for easy management compact size desktop analyzer thus minimal space required.
  • Graphical printout of results direct on PCB.

Safety of Handling :

Reduced contact with potentially infectious and hazardous Blood specimen

Completely “ Closed Analysis System” ( while using Vacuum ESR tube for testing) prevents the user from potentially hazardous blood specimen.