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BIO ESR Analyzer

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Bio Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate Analyzer

Model No : BioESR-2021

Smart Technology:

Modern IR micro technology for robust performance and greater efficiency in the analysis of ESR with automatic temperature correction.

BiolineIndias BioESR-2021 is packed full of features designed for safety and cost efficiency.

Manual method requires 5 times more desk space, human intervention and errors. BiolineIndia’ss BioESR-2021 is compact and reliable machine, packed full of features designed for safety, cost efficiency and to save your laboratory time.

Advanced features:

  • Data management software (DMS) for easy management compact size desktop analyzer thus minimal space required.
  • Automatically prints graphical result to reduce transcription error.
  • Automatic and individual Timer for each tube reduces desk space, error and human intervention.
  • Quick display of result in 30 minutes on LCD
  • Closed tube sampling
  • Excellent correlation with manual westergren method
  • RS 232 interface and USB port
  • Computer software provided with real time analysis


Quality and Reliability of Results:   

Reliability of Results

Good correlation to 1 hour westergren method

Excellent reproducibility (CV of 5%)

Accuracy & Consistency of Results

Technical Parameter
Loading Pattern Random Access
Analytical Capacity Maximum 20 tests/hour
Analysis time 30 minutes / 60 minutes
Method used In westergren mm/hour (by interpolation)
Reading resolution ±0.2 mm (mechanical/ optical precision- detection by software controlled by encoder resolution )
Result resolution ±1 mm
Test Tube 1.1ml -1.28 ml blood
Measurement range 1 – 140mm/hr
Temperature correction Autocorrected to 18ºC
ESR tubes 8/120mm, 1.6ml vacuum / non vacuum ESR
Power Adaptor 12VDC / 5 A
Battery Backup 8 hours
Weight 2.5 Kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 220 x 172 x 222 mm
Display LCD 40 x 2 with back-light
Interface RS232 for printer & USB port for computer
Operating conditions Temperature 15ºC – 31ºC , Humidity 45% -85%
Software Integrated according to software version