Bioline India

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In the process of material transferring from unclassified area to classified area pass boxes are used. Bioline Pass Box is a S.S doubled wall box of size 24 x 24 x 24 inch with two doors. These two doors are interlocked in such a way that both of them cannot be opened at the same time and because of this bacterial contamination does not occur at the time of material transferring. We have a special electromagnetic pass box controller which ensures that one door is closed while the other is opened. It is also equipped with UV light to ensure sterilization inside the Pass Box.

This pass box is used in various scientific and chemical laboratories for supporting different testing activities. Offered pass box is test against numerous parameters in order to deliver flawless range

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BiolineIndia Pass Box 


  • The pass box is fabricated from stainless steel 304 sheet with Double wall construction.
  • All welding will be full argon welding for Superior quality.
  • UV light incorporated on the top
  • The UV Light will be automatically switched off if any one door is opened.
  • The Magnetic locks are provided for both doors.
  • Door interlocking will be provided to prevent simultaneous opening of both doors.
  • Toughened glass paneling for easy visibility.
  • Audio signal will actuate if any door will be opened.