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Blood Collection Monitor


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Blood Collection Monitor
Model No : Bio 20 PlusB
The unit is Microprocessor controlled, with LCD digital display of
volume, weight, flow rate, audiovisual alarm, motor activated clamping
and auto calibration.

Input Power 1-Ø 150V-240AC Hz

Salient Features :-

  • Battery backup 24 hour.
  • Lightweight & portable.
  • Set point selection of blood up to 999 ml /gm and continuously display on dot-matrix
  • Having memory of previous volume for repeated collection.
  • Automatic counter balancing to start the procedure.
  • The Tarring range is 0-999 gm. i.e. tarring of bag weight before collection.
  • Automatic clamping at termination of preset volume collection.
  • Continuous display of current status of volume / weight & collection time on LCD
  • Having gentle mixing i.e. continuous agitation 12-20 cycle/min.
  • Complete indication and audio alarm at the end of collection.
  • Measure volume / weight with best accuracy ±1 ml. / gm.
  • The instrument is having audio alarm when blood flow is more than 180ml (high blood pressure) and less than 20ml (low blood pressure) within 60 seconds continuously display the flow rate.
  • For Emergency Stoppage , A Pause key and stop key is provided
  • By repressing the pause key again previous programmer can be activated.
  • Automatic release of bag when lifted.

Audio Visual Alarm is provided for Completion of volume, high low flow of blood and preset time completion.

Display on LCD

1. Start

2. Process

3. Complete

4. Pause

5. Manu display

(350ml, 450ml, calibration buzzer on off) Auto Diagnostic Display for rocking, plunger , road cell.