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Bioline India has various models of Melting Point Apparatus to suit the need of different customers. The Melting point apparatus is designed to determine the melting points with high accuracy, and is supplied with a silicon oil bath with heater for heating the bath. The unit has an arrangement to hold the capillary containing the sample in uniformly heating media.

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1.Melting Point Apparatus

BiolineIndia is reckoned as an important manufacturer, supplier and exporter of hi-tech instruments used in the pharmaceutical industries, institutions and research laboratories.

Capilliary Tubes

  • Cooling Plug 
  • Thermometer

2. Automatic Pipette Washer 

Drier – S.S Complete (304)

Size 60 x 16 cms (dia)

Melting Point Apparatus – 931 is designed for accurate measurement of melting points and for checking the melting range of the solid samples. The apparatus consists of silicon bath of about 200 ml capacity, covered with Teflon cover, fitted with a special type of oil immersion heater having three holes for holding the capillaries, one for boiling point tube and one for thermometer. The apparatus consists of in-built magnetic stirrer, with indicator for precisely adjusting the rate of heating of silicon oil-bath, an On/Off switch, a pilot lamp, with magnifier, a thermometer, a glare free background illumination and a high/low range temperature selector switch.


  • Extremely Useful for Pharmaceutical Use
  • Highly Accurate & Easy to Operate
  • Silicon Oil-bath and In-built Magnetic Stirrer for Uniform Heating
  • Glare-free Illumination and Large Magnifier for Stain free Observation