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Introducing a Handy/Portable ULV (Ultra Low Volume) Fogger. The most effective way of sterilization.

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ULV Fogger with Digital Timer 


  • Produces a blend of fine fog (5-10 micron) that evaporates in atmosphere and doesn’t leave behind any chemical strains.
  • Can be used both indoor and outdoor to eliminate germs. A versatile fogger for both water & oil based liquid chemical combinations.
  • Powered by 32000 RPM motor, one can rest assured that the entire area will be disinfected within a short span of time.
  • Bio fogger is particularly useful for disinfections since it does not allow a single square of inch space uncovered by chemical being fogged.
  • Bio fogger will cater all your medical needs since our systems are backed by superior technical know-how, in depth R&D, precise component structure, Export quality materials etc. At 32000 RPM the pressure generated by our motor is sufficient to dispose off minute particles of water (microns) in an enclosed area.
  • The power head is of F.R.P. Liquid Vessel is of stainless steel & high grade plastic components inside, ensures reliable and trouble free operations with portability & flexibility as an added benefit. This mobile model will surprise you with its high capacity driven results.
  • Bio fogger will let you save your precious time, reduce your work load, while automatically fogging the chemical in an aerosol state.
  • Just place it on rotating table-top and see that it covers your entire area in short span of time or carry it with you. Needless to say a versatile instrument at unbelievable price.
  • The unit consists of SS Tank /Valve, Silicon rubber tubing with Digital Timer fixed with variable range that will automatically turn off the fogger.
  • Digital Timer with precision in seconds.