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Agglutination Viewer

Agglutination Viewer

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Agglutination Viewer Model No. Bio AV 20+

Agglutination viewer is used for observing agglutination reactions in test tubes or other apparatus used in blood banks. Turn power on to unit and adjust mirror to observe specimen.

Features :

  • Designed for use in blood typing, crossmatching, prothrombin time, kahn and other agglutination, flocculation, and serodiagnostic test.
  • Illuminates test tube contents through the use of a 8-watt bulb from above and a magnifying mirror from below.
  • Flexible neck allows for easy manipulation of light source.
  • Include Bulb, Magnifying mirror, Flexible mirror, side mounted on/off switch, flexible neck, mainly operator.

Specification :

Certifications/ Compliance : UL Listed
Includes                                   : Bulb, Magnifying mirror, side mounted on/off switch, flexible
neck, Flexible mirror neck, Mainly operator
Wattage                                   : 8 Watt
Hertz                                        : 50/60Hz
Voltage                                     : 220v
Weight                                     : 3kg
Amps                                        : 36mA
Temperature                           : 18C to 33C