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Blood Bank Equipments


Model No. BEPE 2008E

The unit is designed for automatic separation of Blood components with Infra-Red sensor, clamping power source, geared motor and alarm. Input Power 1-Ø AC 230 V,50 Hz.

Mode of operation: Manual Front panel is spring loaded to uniform pressure on container causing transfer of fluid Compression plate made of transparent acrylic.

To express blood components from the collection bags the front panel should be spring loaded with parallel acrylic compressor plate.

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Automatic Plasma Expresser
Model No : BEPE 2008E
Bioline Electronic Plasma Expresser is an electromechanical device that enables easy separation of blood components. It is semiautomatic equipment to separate blood into red cells and plasma.

Manual Plasma Expresser, are simple devices that have mechanical structures only. Those conventional plasma separators request operators close watch all the time to stop the blood flow. This electronic plasma Expresser is equipped with an opto –sensor and a tube clamp. Watching blood components flowing in tubing, the device closes tubes clamp immediately when the Opto sensor senses red cells passing. The electronic plasma expresser Model BEPE 2008E is having interface with compo scale (optional).


  • Sensor Type –Infra-Red beam interruption sensor.
  • Clamping Power source, Geared Motor.
  • White Power coated mild steel cabinet with stand corrosion , wear & tear on continues usage
  • Compression Plate designed to exert uniform pressure on the blood bag.