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Blood Bag Tube Sealer: Battery Back-Up 

Model : BBS2021 B

Blood Bag Tube Sealer 2021B is a robust and heavy-duty benchtop sealer with consistent performance.

The optionally designed RF technology guaranty exceptional seal quality.

It helps to keep the blood bag completely sterile with no risk of hemolysis quality sealing with clean  rupture line to easily tear apart segments.

With more efficiency consistent performance our new model BBS2021 consists of a LCD to display battery. The feature is added to increase the life cycle performance of your BBS2021 B sealer.

Salient Features : 

  • Lightweight, portable and heavy-duty.
  • Modern electronic system.
  • LCD to display Battery status.
  • Sealing time is variable from 0.5 to 3 sec.
  • Wide seal of 2 mm thickness.
  • Easy to clean electrodes.
  • Electrodes well protected by a cover.
  • Able to seal all blood bag tubes.
  • Sealing trigging automatic.
  • Continuous Battery back up 230V in online mode.
  • Battery backup gives 500 sealings when fully charged on offline mode.