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Ultrasonic Cleaning System


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Ultrasonic Cleaning System

having generator of 600 W Power output along with Heater, DTC & Timer

Tank  Working Dimensions:15x08x06”

Volume                       :           10 LTRS

Ultrasonic Power        :           250watt

Number of Transducers          :           05

Bonding                      :           Cold weld Technique

Generator                    :           Auto tuned solid state

Frequency                   :           30+/-3KHz

Material Of Construction:       ss,316 1.5Mm thick

Outer casting               :           S.S

Heater                         :           Cartridge type 600 Watts

Thermostate                :           Non indicating type

Max temp                    :           70 deg C

Timer                           :           0-30 min

Generator casing       :           Separate made out of aluminum duly powder coated