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Blood Bag Tube Sealer


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Blood Bag Tube Sealer BBTS2015-B (Battery Back up) 

The unit is heavy duty & based on RF 40.63 MHz Di-Electric heating without damaging the blood cells.

Input Voltage 115/230 V , 50/60 Hz

Blood Bag Tube Sealer seals tube of 4-6 mm diameter. Sealing is with in 1.5 second / tube. Indication sealing.

Sealer based on RF dielectric heating which gives unique sealing finish and RF signal is applied only after the tube is fully squeezed.

Stand wide input voltage fluctuation



  • Lightweight, portable and heavy-duty.
  • Modern electronic system.
  • Sealing time is variable from 0.5 to 3 sec.
  • Wide seal of 2 mm thickness.
  • Easy to clean electrodes.
  • Electrodes well protected by a cover.
  • Able to seal all blood bag tubes.
  • Sealing trigging automatic.
  • Continuous Battery back up 230V in online mode.
  • Battery backup gives 500 sealings when fully charged on offline mode.
Specifications :          

Oscillation Frequency: 40.63 Mhz.

RF Output                    : 15 W or less

Sealing Type                : Automatic

EEC Standard             :Class 1 (93/42 and  7/2007 MDD)

Input Voltage              :230  V , 50/60 Hz

Battery Charger          : SMPS ,200 – 250 V,

Out Put Voltage:         : 12 V

Ref Standard               :  E-60601-1 Electric

Safety,                           : E 60601-1-2 For EMC

Power Consumption  : 100 VA

Weight                          : Approx 4 kgs.

Effect Consumption   : 100 W maximum    effect

Classification               : Protection against Electrical shock.