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Blood Donor Couch

Model No : BDC

Bioline India Donor Couch is designed focusing on Quality , Safety and Hygiene that minimize the incidence of Vasovagal Attacks associated with blood donation. Quick conversation to shock position within 10 seconds of actuation. Designed with two actuators (three optional ) for the easy movement of backrest seat & leg rest. Designed with an independent control of seat height to enable to lower it up to 19 inches from the floor level.  Automatic synchronization between the back & leg supports, which increases the donor  comfort  while flattening. The arm rest can be optionally set at the desired height and also can be moved to  the side. This allows vascular access at a relaxed posture. Designed to shift easily to Trendelberg  position if any reactions are observed on the donor, then can  be converted to flat bed position also. The height adjustment is done vertically with the help of reliable heavy duty lifting column, there by not causing any change in the profile of the donor. Logically placed buttons on remote enables easy to operate quick adjustments based on individual preferences. Integrated  rotatable IV pole & trays for placing BCM, Tube Sealer. Large soft type wheels allow easy movements in the desired direction and facilities easy cleaning without having to shift the equipment.

Salient Features :-

  • Designed for Quality, Safety, and Hygiene
  • High End version
  • Quick conversion to shock position
  • Three programmable preset keys for quick shift to user defined positions
  • Designed with Three actuators for easy movement of back rest, leg rest and flat
  • Automatic synchronization between the back, leg & flat bed supports
  • Designed to shift easily to Trendelberg position if any reactions are observed on donor
  • Provided with a Back rest inclination 100° to 162°.
  • Adjustable arm rest for easy movement
  • Adjustable head rest to suit different donor heights
  • Provided with Soft & low density PUF foam mattress
  • Initiation of motor movement by wired remote with long lifetime- Up to 6 easy-touch buttons
  • Have detachable trolley/stand  for BCM & Blood Tube Sealer & drip stand
  • Built-in power points for BCM and tube
  • Lifting capacity up to 200 kg
  • Construction: Mild steel with Epoxy powder coating
  • Lockable soft type castor wheels
  • Power : 220V/50Hz