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Model No. BioPowerSeal

The professional choice for heavy-duty tube sealing BioPowerSeal is the most reliable benchtop tube sealer with integrated sealing head and a sealing hand unit. New sealing technology and enforced reliability make BioPowerSeal ideal for most demanding environments. It helps to keep the blood bag completely sterile with no risk of hemolysis and provides quality sealing with clear rupture line to easily tear apart segments. For optimum efficiency, our new model BioPowerSeal consists of a LCD to display battery. The feature is added to increase the life cycle performance of the Sealer.


BioPowerSeal comprises three Units:-

  • Power unit with batteries, RF generator and controlled unit monitor by microprocessor.
  • Sealing Handle with Coaxial cable of length 2 Meter.
  • Battery Charger.

Salient Features: –

  • 2 in 1 Sealer with Tabletop sealer and hand Gun Sealer for multiple use.
  • Light weight, portable and heavy-duty.
  • LCD to display Battery status.
  • Wide seal of 2 mm thickness.
  • Electrodes well protected by a cover.
  • Able to seal all blood bag tubes.
  • No warm up time required.
  • Automatic sealing.
  • Automatic change over on battery mode in case of power failure.

Visual Indications

  • Ready
  • Battery Status
  • Seal

Technical Specifications:

Oscillation Frequency 40.63 Mhz.
RF Output 100 W
Sealing Time Less than 2 Second
Seal 500 Seals ( with fully charge battery )
Sealing Type Automatic
Input Voltage 15 VDC
Power Consumption 120 VA
Dimension(L x W x H) 280 x 235 x 140 mm
Weight Approx 6.5 kg.
Ref Standard E-60601-1 Electric
Safety Standard E 60601-1-2 For EMC
EEC Standard Class 1 (93/42 and  7/2007 MDD)
Classification Protection against Electrical shock.

New state-of-the-art sealing head

  • New sealing technology ensures safe sealing of even thick and sensitive tubings with wide sealed surface.
  • With automatic tubing detection, sealing will automatically start when tubing is placed in the sealing head.
  • Transparent head protector for safe and easy operation (detachable, easy to clean)
  • Applicable tubing diameter 2-6mm (1/4”)