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BiolineIndia offers high quality sterilizing equipment that prevents spread of infectious disease by complete destructions of micro organisms, based on latest technology; this equipment is easy to use and also provides accurate control over the process.

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  • Sterilizer tank is rectangular type of heavy gauge stainless steel SS 304 of 18”x30”x15”dimension
  • The perforated Tray of SS 304 is provided for keeping the Bowls of different size for sterilization.
  • Three SS heaters of 1.5 KW each for sterilization
  • Outer Cabinet is heavy auger SS 304 is provided.
  • Double walled with glass wool insulation.
  • Each heater is with MCB.
  • Each heater is having LED which show the working of heater.
  • Digital PID temperature controller is used for on trolling the temperature.
  • Digital time controller housed in Temperature controller cabinet is used for exposure time control. The exposure time is time required for expose the item for 15 -20 minutes at 1000C, to ensure the complete sterilization.
  • Level Control give audible signal for maximum water level