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Cold Box

  • For transporting blood from blood collection point/site to the processing centre.
  • temperature maintenance of 10°C or less for a period of 8 -24 hours.
  • Stable and robust with less weight.
  • White colour inside of the container for easy cleaning.
  • Cover should be firmed tightly close to avoid air going in/out of the container.


Cold box is a complete package of brazed aluminum heat exchanger contained in carbon steel casing with structural support, insulation containment, and protection for the internal equipment. Insulation work of heat exchanger and piping assembly can be easily done by perlite insulation and inside of cold box will be pressurized and purged by dry nitrogen gas. SPP’s cold box can minimize the installation space at commissioning site by providing the complete unit package of heat exchanger and piping assembly. Also, cold box can be easily installed and easy access to connection piping will reduce the installation work at pre-commissioning.