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BiolineIndia has various models of Laminar Airflow to suit the need of different customer.


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Laminar Air Flow
Model No : BLAF

Vertical / Horizontal Laminar Air Flow workstation is made of MS with powder coated and painted with corrosion-resistant and antifungal epoxy paint from inside. The unit have self supporting structure & requires no additional stand neither for the cabinet containing motor blower unit, Hepa Filter & Prefilters nor for the cabinet containing motor blower unit, Hepa filter & Prefilters not for the work table. Working table top mounted with
Stainless Steel Sheet of high grade. The motor blower unit is mounted on anti vibration mounts to keep the surface vibrations at minimum. The unit have a built in fluorescent of Lighting in the hood and a suitable.

germicidal UV tube. Side panels are of safety flexi glass 6 mm in thickness mounted with anodized aluminum angles. Front door of perplex sheet with anodized aluminum frames and locks having arrangement to work with half open door. Hepa Filter facing to working table is being well protected with a grill pf perforated aluminum material.
Laminar Air Flow Bench principales involves double filtration of air Atmosphere air is drawn through the prefilters by heavy – duty blowers. This air is made pass through Hepa Filters. Double filtered air blowing through the laminar work table at a nominal controlled velocity of approx 90ft/minute.

Hepa Filters which is class 100 levels of cleaness as per U. S. Federal Standerd 29B, Having efficiency of 99.97% removal of air born particles as contaminant. The unit having static pressure menometer accurately calibrated to assess static pressure in hepa chamber.

The unit sutable to operate on 220V – 240V

Optional :- Provides Gas Co

  • Electric
  • Digital
  • Digital with LCD Display