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Blood Bag Tube Sealer


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Blood Bag Tube Sealer (BBS 2015)

The unit is heavy duty & based on RF Di-Electric heating without damaging the blood cells.

Input Voltage 115/230 V , 50/60 Hz

Blood Bag Tube Sealer seals tube of 4-6 mm diameter. Sealing is with in 1.5 second / tube. Indication sealing.

Sealer based on RF dielectric heating which gives unique sealing finish and RF signal is applied
only after the tube is fully squeezed.

Stand wide input voltage

Silent Features

  • Lightweight, portable and heavy-duty.
  • Modern electronic system.
  • Sealing time is variable from 0.5 to 3 sec.
  • Wide seal of 2 mm thickness.
  • Easy to clean electrodes.
  • Electrodes well protected by a cover.
  • Able to seal all blood bag tubes.
  • Sealing trigging automatic.



RF Output                    : 15 W or less

Sealing Type                : Automatic

EEC Standard             :Class 1 (93/42 and  7/2007 MDD)

Input Voltage              :  V115/230, 50/60 Hz

Ref Standard               :  E-60601-1 Electric

Safety,                           : E 60601-1-2 For EMC

Power Consumption  : 100 VA

Weight                          : Approx 4 kgs.

Effect Consumption   : 100 W maximum effect

Classification               : Protection against Electrical shock